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16,000 pounds of ground beef sold at Walmart recalled. It might have deadly E. coli

Miami Herald - 5/1/2024

About 16,000 pounds of ground beef products shipped to Walmart stores nationwide got recalled Wednesday because they might be contaminated with the harshest strain of E. coli.

The USDA-Food Safety Inspection Service's recall notice said Hazelton, Pennsylvania'sCargill Meat Solutions "reported the issue to FSIS after it identified that previously segregated product had been inadvertently utilized in the production of ground beef."

A similar situation caused a USDA public health alert concerning E. coli and ground beef last week.

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The strain of E. coli is O157:H7, which can cause hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), the kidney failure that can make E. coli deadly. Normally, this foodborne illness brings two to eight days of bloody diarrhea and stomachaches. One way to kill the threat of E. coli is cooking the possibly contaminated food to an internal temperature of 160 degrees as checked by a meat thermometer.

Here are the six products, all of which have "EST. 86P" on the back label:

2.25-pound trays of 93% Lean, 7% Fat All Natural Lean Ground Beef, lot No. 117.

1.33-pound four-packs of Prime Rib Beef Steak Burgers Patties, lot No. 118.

2.25-pound trays of 85% Lean, 15% Fat All Natural Angus Premium Ground Beef, lot No. 117.

2.25-pound trays of 80% Lean, 20% Fat All Natural Ground Beef Chuck, lot No. 118.

1.33-pound four-packs of 80% Lean, 20% Fat All Natural Ground Beef Chuck Patties, lot No. 118.

1.33-pound four-packs of 90% Lean, 10% Fat All Natural Ground Beef Sirloin Patties, lot No. 118.

If you have any of these, return them to the Walmart for a full refund or, at least, throw them deep into the garbage to prevent any pets from getting to them.

Questions about this can be directed to Cargill

Consumers with questions about the recall can contact Cargill Meat Solutions at 1-844-419-1574

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