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In Texas, this month is when couples are busiest in the bedroom, according to recent study

Fort Worth Star-Telegram - 4/30/2024

In Texas, May seems to be the least busy month for couples in the bedroom, according to a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They don't mean busy as in hectic, they mean busy like knocking boots -- if you know what we're saying.

The CDC analyzed a recent study conducted by on live births in each state in 2022. Assuming a pregnancy lasting nine months, the study looked at the period with the most babies born and walked those months back to determine when the babies may have been conceived.

With only 28,237 babies born in February, May is not the hottest month for couples. July is next with 29,174 conceptions and August comes in third with 29,799. It makes sense, these summer months people are often trying to turn down the heat.

"There's a whimsical charm to the autumn and winter months that seems to ignite a special spark in many. Perhaps it's the cozy evenings by the fireplace or the romantic allure of snowfall. Whatever the reason, the data suggest that these colder seasons witness a surge in conceptions," said a spokesperson for

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Apparently, November is the busiest month in the bedroom for Texans -- with 35,715 children born nine months later in August. November has both Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, two holidays where people may have more opportunity to spend with their significant other.

March follows November as the month most babies may have been conceived in Texas with 33,855 baby births nine months later. December is not far behind with 33,148 children born nine months later. December also gives couples many opportunities to spend more time with each other due to the holidays. Christmas and New Year's Eve have historically been popular dates for couples to conceive.

"The allure of cuddling up together during the chilly weather may just be the perfect recipe for fostering intimacy and connection. So, while spring may herald new beginnings, it seems that autumn and winter hold a unique magic for those embarking on the journey of parenthood," according to

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