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Dog kills owner by latching onto throat before officers fatally shoot it, NY cops say

Charlotte Observer - 4/28/2024

A New York man died after police say his dog latched onto his throat and mauled him.

Police were called to a home in the Bronx just after 3 a.m.April 26 for reports of a dog biting its owner, according to WNBC.

When officers arrived, police said the man was on the floor with the dog “clamped down” on his throat, WNYW reported.

Officers shot the dog, which police described as a pit bull, ultimately killing it, the news outlet reported.

Police said the 41-year-old man was taken to a hospital, where he died, News12 reported.

What to know about dog attacks

“Dogs give us comfort, companionship, exercise, entertainment, and unconditional love,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. “But it’s important to remember that any dog can bite, even trusted family pets.”

Dogs bite more than 4.5 million people each year in the U.S., and nearly 800,000 of those people need medical attention, according to the CDC.

Any dog can bite if they feel scared or nervous, or if they want to be alone. You should never approach a dog that seems angry or scared, the CDC said.

If an unfamiliar dog comes up to you, officials say you should:

Stay calm and be still.

Avoid eye contact with the dog.

Don’t panic or make loud noises. Don’t run.

Say “no” or “go home” in a deep voice. Stand with the side of your body toward the dog.

Slowly raise your hands to your neck and back away slowly.

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